She is love , & she is all i need ! ♥
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White People: - “Black people are always pulling the race card!”


Are you serious?

America The Beautiful………..

This shit is out of hand.
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& again.
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He be knocked out after work and I be like bored #selfie maybe!  Lol

Getting the new HTC. Then I’ll be on her more . I can’t wait Myron has the phone and it’s amazing he’s getting me one (: .my phone now has no storage space for the app . I’m on his phone now I love it !

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Update on my life as a mommy!

I’m doing okay ,just thinking of a master plan as always ,I have too get out of my mother’s house asap !!my baby father is on the couch sleep he drives forklift all day long ! I’m just ready to be happy . I’m starting to feel like my old self .I’m looking better ,feeling better and more confident . I’m trying to get a job at Dutch brothers coffee because I love the people in there and the good energy I know it’s not a lot of money but it’s enough to help daddy with bills and I wouldn’t mind going everyday so I pray I get it …. You guys pray for me tooo

. My baby girl is calling me Mama all the time now and it feels so good !! But she’s also telling me ” No ” all the time too . That doesn’t feel as good lol ! Oh yeah and her little self is saying thank you consistently and in the right context . I love her so much . She’s so perfect

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She’s my mini queen.  I kiss her feet because she kisses my soul
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Can’t stop taking pictures on this phone,  #SelfieSorry #NewHtc #amazingCamera #phoneMakesmelookcute
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My number 1 . #Mumblr
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Greek yogurt!
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Greek yogurt!
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For some odd reason she rather lay in the grass then on our blanket. She’s back now!  So silly!
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We’re reading books outside in the grass. .
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Never bitter.
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