She is love , & she is all i need ! ♥
"People don’t do things or say things for no reason, everything is for a reason wether it’s subconsciously or consciously there is never no meaning behind something, so pay attention to the signs and be careful, because the world is very cruel."Just thinking

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"People don’t do things or say things for no reason, everything is for a reason wether it’s consciously or subconsciously"Just thinking

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"I love people who are open-minded. People who just vibe with whatever you talk about. You can talk about anything and everything."(via boysbander)

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That’s how you keep making mistakes
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At this point

I’m just waiting for school to start, really trying you enjoy my summer . All I’ve been doing is trying to figure out what I want to do. … and focusing on the women I want to be, not quick to anger, confident, loving, caring, and very self sufficient. I can really go on but I’m not lol. Masi is such a handful right now, but I want her ready for school having a lot more signs down and to know her colors .

This summer is almost over, and I haven’t did much at all, besides picnics with masi and myself. W no car and not much funds, all I can do is soak up nature, and relax my mind and just kind of dream a little.

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I went out lol.  So fun.
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#MilfsOrNah!  @kanikashani @lahtiiii
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@ the park with my baby. She is knocked out,  we chillin!
I’m going to be deleting this Tumblr page

Sometime soon in the next week for sure! !! I’ve had it since 09 , & I feel like there is people that have access to it , that do not deserve to be able to look into my personal life, Tumblr is really me uncovered, and I do not wish to share that with those people.

If you are apart of my crew mostly all the mommies on here #mumblr that keep up with me as I do you vice versa, please inbox if you want to make sure I get you back on my new blog.

But honestly I’ll probably follow everybody I just want people If need to specifically message me so you will recognize me when following you on my new blog.

I will have a complete different tumblr name than I ever had before so people will not be able to find me (:

Love you guys! !! Thank you for everything.
& I’ll. Probally post this again because I won’t stop blogging until my page is completely made over.

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I just uploaded all my pics to a online album

Now my phone has space, I’m super juiced! !

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I love

How my daughter is starting to talk. I Can’t wait to have conversations with her lol.

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My daughter thought it was
Cool to stick corn in her nostrils . I pulled out two from her left nostril! !!!!

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